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Zostań administratorem tej strony. Szukamy osób zaradnych, z inicjatywą i chęcią zrobienia czegoś pożytecznego dla swojej lokalnej polskiej społeczności. Sprawdź koniecznie teraz pozostałe korzyści i napisz do nas.

Teachers vote for strike in June

National Union of Teachers vote for strike action in June over pay, pensions and conditions.

Huge fire on Leeds industrial estate

An inferno on an industrial estate in Leeds sends flames and a large plume of smoke up over the city.

Skin cancer rates 'surge since 70s'

The incidence of the most serious skin cancer is now five times higher than it was in the 1970s, figures show.

Sir Bob to pay tribute to Peaches

Sir Bob Geldof will pay tribute to his daughter Peaches later, as her funeral is held at the same church as where she married in Kent.

Police investigate toddler's death

Detectives say they are treating the death of a two-year-old girl at a property in the town of Kelty in Fife as 'suspicious'.

PM's Christianity remarks 'divisive'

David Cameron risks causing "alienation" in society by saying Britain is a "Christian country", a group of public figures has warned.

Teachers angry at online insults

Online social media is being misused to insult, intimidate and smear staff in schools, says a teachers' union.

Flood defences mended for thousands

Flood defences and other protections are restored for more than 100,000 properties left at risk after this winter's severe weather.

CBI head defends referendum move

The head of the CBI defends its registration with the Electoral Commission as a backer of the "No" campaign in the Scottish independence referendum.

Hidden company owners to be revealed

Companies will be forced to declare their true owners on a public register in a move to tackle corruption, Business Secretary Vince Cable says.

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