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Zostań administratorem tej strony. Szukamy osób zaradnych, z inicjatywą i chęcią zrobienia czegoś pożytecznego dla swojej lokalnej polskiej społeczności. Sprawdź koniecznie teraz pozostałe korzyści i napisz do nas.

Duchess of Cornwall's brother dies

The Duchess of Cornwall's brother, Mark Shand, dies after being taken to a New York hospital after sustaining a serious head injury in a fall.

Three children found dead in London

A woman believed to be the mother of three children who were found dead at a south-west London home is arrested on suspicion of murder.

Lib Dems 'won't back minority rule'

Senior Lib Dem Danny Alexander rules out suggestions his party could support a minority Labour or Tory government after the next election.

Cancer teen hits £1m charity target

A teenage blogger with terminal cancer raises more than £1m for charity after posting his final message to followers.

Violent crime 'continues to fall'

Violent crime is continuing to fall in England and Wales, according to an annual project examining injury data gathered from NHS hospitals.

Blair warns West over radical Islam

Tony Blair warns Western leaders they must put aside their differences with Russia over Ukraine to focus on the threat of Islamic extremism.

Coulson 'did not cover anything up'

Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson tells the phone-hacking trial he did not "cover anything up" following the arrest of the paper's royal editor Clive Goodman in 2006.

Clifford jury gets majority direction

Jurors in the indecent assault trial of publicist Max Clifford are told they can return a majority verdict of nine to one.

UK government hits borrowing target

The UK government borrowed £107.7bn in the financial year to April 2014, lower than the amount it borrowed the previous year.

Victim would be 'proud of Gerrard'

Steven Gerrard's cousin, who was the youngest victim of the Hillsborough disaster, would have been "very proud" of the England captain, an inquest hears.

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